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PXPT sees a shortage of agricultural products in the world and Thailand is a source of production that’s able to help people all around the world. Thus, PXPT supports income generation for agricuturists. All expenses you spend on this project will be shared to the agricultural groups in PXPT’s sustainability project. Come and be a part of us


All Product Details: 

Cassava is a crucial economic crop in Thailand. In 2020, the total amount of cassava production (29 million tons) was at third rank in the world. Thailand's cassava export, in the forms of cassava dried (chips and pellets) and cassava starches, was ranked first with approximately 57% of the global market share. The factory's been manufacturing and exporting Thai rice and tapioca to the global market since 1987. With a farsighted vision of the founders, the company kept growing and establishing a tapioca chip factory, which has one of the most advanced technologies and adopted a conveyor system and an electric chipping machine before the tapioca drying process. Currently, the company is the leading exporter of tapioca chips and is ranked number one in Thailand with the highest export volume.

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