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The Freedom of Finance

Easiest way to be free from the financial issue within 3 steps

Step 1: Fill the Form

Provide PXPT more about details your business such as the company’s name,
the product you would like to order, and
the quantity to let PXPT know you more.

Step 2: Choose the Payment Option

PXPT provides 4 types of payment method, so you can choose the right one that suits your business the most.

Step 3:
Submit the Form

Submit the form and PXPT will contact you back shortly once your form is validated, which normally takes 3-5 business days, then you’re able to place your order with Buy Now Pay Later program.

** PXPT may consider Buy Now Pay Later approval depends on the deal size and keep the rights to adjust the minimum percentage of the total amount for the order.


Why Choose PXPT?

Beside solving your financial issue, PXPT also provides you both domestic and international finance with 4 options; bank guarantee 100%, bank guarantee 30%, bank guarantee for international order, and cash deposit 30% of total amount.


Which means you’re able to place the order without any payment or pay only 30% of deposit first. Once your order has arrived at the port of discharge, then you pay the rest of the amount. 


This program might help you to have more financial freedom to run your business.

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