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PXPT was founded in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic as a purpose-driven company that committed to solve resource scarcity problem. As a specialist in procurement and supply chain management, PXPT does understand the pain point of the partners’ business, so PXPT has an intension to support all partners to fix those problem no matter it is manufacturing, logistics, or especially the financial issue that causes the risk of not getting the product. PXPT creates the key to reduce the funding pressure, increase the margin from every unit, and also provides Buy Now Pay Later program in order to hold up both manufacturers and consumers get across the Covid-19 crisis.

Mr. Pisut Krajaejun
CEO & Co-Founder

20 years of experience in management field and worked as senior vice president in top-3 telecom companies in Thailand. According to all of the working experiences, it provides the familiarity to deal with solving collaboration issues between public-private partnerships, establishing a new business together, and being a business consultant for multinational companies which focus on total productivity and supply chain management.

Vision: Make every family in the world secure and healthful.

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Mr. Pirom Samode

Operations Director

More than 20 years of experience in logistics at British Airway including his own logistics company.


Mr. Garphy Chang

Business Director

More than 25 years of experience in product marketing & business development at Hewlett Packard Inc, Agfa-Gevaert Ltd., and KEE Decorative Technology Co., which spans the IT, printing, manufacturing, and healthcare industries.


Ms. Sasiyapa Ninratanakun

Sales Director

More than 15 years in International Trading Business for Food & Beverage, Architecture and Construction Building Materials, Fashion, Agriculture etc.


12 Years Experiences
1.8 Million Pieces Export

PXPT was founded in Thailand and established long-term cooperative relationships with more than 20 partner factories surrounding Thailand and neighboring countries. Those collaborations have covered many areas, such as Gloves, Medical Supplies, Food & Beverage, and Agricultural products.


At the same time, we have more than five financial support companies to create a sustainable ecosystem to help our partners grow exponentially.

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Mr. Indrek Mannik

Senior Partner 
Fides SARL, Monaco

In the past, we had customers who wanted the product, but there were financial constraints that the company could not meet, and we know they are good customers. Therefore, we missed the opportunity to do business. When we met with PXPT Co., Ltd., which offers ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ for health products. The company decided to work with PXPT, and I’m happy with the sincerity and good partnership.

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Mr. Ho Horng Yih

Business Development Manager

Vega Bios (M) Sdn Bhd

I know PXPT from the advice of a friend. We have some deals on cassava chips for export to China. PXPT has demonstrated transparency with their financial partner for ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ support. It increases the chances of closing a deal. We are happy with the clear and friendly communication, sincerity, and good partnership.

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Mr. Saranyapong Siriwanitch

Managing Director


NeoPharm met PXPT during the Covid-19 pandemic. At that time, NeoPharm wanted to find proper partners to work together in the auction of drug transportation to be delivered to all hospitals in Thailand. I saw the determination and sincerity from PXPT. Therefore, we agreed to work together, and PXPT has been supporting NeoPharm in every way.



PXPT sources the products that comply with the high-quality standards for partners and clients. PXPT also selects the manufacturers that meet the requirements of global certificates.


Singapore Office

Tel: +65 8788 9578



Bangkok Office
Tel: +66 99193 2646


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